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When you have identified your objectives (the new car, the holiday, school fees, the boat or the retirement home in Tuscany and the income to live there) you then look for the savings or investment vehicle to meet these objectives. Invariably, investment comes down to risk and rewards. The more risk you are prepared to take, the more the reward might be.

Vale Independent Financial Advisers Ltd can provide detailed individual financial planning advice based on your circumstances. Whether you are investing a capital sum from an inheritance, restructuring a large investment portfolio, or looking for a regular investment to cover future education costs and income in retirement, we will guide you to the most appropriate investment vehicles to meet your objectives.

From regular saving to lump sum investment, we can recommend strategies to maximise tax efficient returns, tailored to individual requirements. We use up to date risk profiling and asset allocation techniques to ensure your portfolio is not only diverse, but continues to meet your accepted risk tolerance in harmony with any lifestyle changes.